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What is Meditation?

Discover Meditation and it's benefits

Meditation is a way of transforming the conscious awareness of the mind. It requires focused, internal concentration.  Meditation can increase clarity and emotional balance; creating a sense of calm, allowing the true nature of things to be seen. The practice of meditation allows for insights on the patterns and habits of the mind and offers a way of providing new, more positive ways of being.

With regular practice and patience these focused states of mind can deepen into powerful, peaceful and energised states of mind. The experience of such states, can have a transformative effect and can lead to new understandings of life.

There are different types of meditation, including focused-attention and mindful meditation. Mindful meditation is where you bring your attention on to a specific thing, such as your breath or a sensation in your body. The aim of meditation is to maintain your focus on this one point, bringing your attention back to this point when your mind wonders. Meditation is not about stopping the thoughts you are having, but instead increasing your conscious awareness of the thoughts and letting them pass non-judgementally.

   Brain Activity

During meditation, there is a reduction in beta wave activity in the brain. High frequency beta waves are are associated with the fight or flight response.


During meditation, brainwave frequencies reduce from beta, into alpha and even theta. This is where subconscious layers of our mind can be accessed.


During alpha states, breathing slows, internal dialogue quietens and relaxation is experienced. We usually enter the alpha state when falling asleep.

However, during meditation the mind remains conscious and awake, allowing access to levels of the subconscious mind, not previously accessible.


With our awareness acutely focused on our inner world, we're able to access a transcendental state.


In this state, profound knowledge and understanding about the true self can be acquired.

How can Meditation benefit me?

  • Gain new perspectives on problems and situations where you feel stuck

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and negative emotions

  • Build an understanding of who you really are and increase self-awareness

  • Become orientated in the present moment

  • Acquire insights and develop creativity

  • Develop patience, acceptance and gratitude

  • Increase concentration and attention span

  • Control pain and improve sleep

  • Decrease blood pressure

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