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Mental, emotional, physical 

and spiritual wellbeing


Ensuring you make yourself

the priority


Gain control of your mindset

and outcomes


Tailored approach

to suit your needs


Impact driven, results focused.

What changed, did it work?


Life changing results




  • Free Initial Consultation (30 mins)

  • Wellbeing & Mindset Coaching (60 mins weekly)

  • Each session will apply a unique blend of mindset coaching using NLP, as well as optional techniques from Meditation / Hypnotherapy / Yoga to relax and reconnect

  • Collaborative exercises throughout working together

  • Dedicated support between sessions via Email

                                               £95 ph

What to expect?

During the the induction consultation,  I'll work with you to build a holistic overview of your life. We'll evaluate how fulfilled you're feeling across different life areas. Together, we'll determine what's most important to you and identify specific outcomes to work towards. I'll help you to identify and break down barriers standing in your way.


I'll be applying a transformational, holistic approach. On a mental and emotional level, I'll be using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to reframe thinking, reprogramme thought patterns and remove unwanted habits, behaviours and limiting beliefs. Hypnotherapy will also be available to embed changes at an unconscious level, ensuring your unconscious mind is driving you towards your desired outcome. You'll experience a strong sense of self and conviction in your abilities.

On a physical and spiritual level, you'll have access to personalised, one-to-one yoga and guided meditations. We'll be taking into consideration your sleep patterns, nutrition as well as your self-care. This includes what you feed your mind, as well as your body.

Together, we'll take a look at your living, work and social environments. Expect to consider and re-evaluate the impact of niche habits and routines on your wellbeing. Everyone is different, so I won't be applying a one size fits all approach. But I'd ask for a curiosity and a willingness to explore new possibilities.

Throughout this process I'll be providing a safe and non-judgemental space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings and creativity; allowing you to connect with a greater sense of who you are.

I'll offer you a unique and attentive approach and will be focused on holding you accountable throughout.

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