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Oscillane: Holistic Wellbeing and Mindset Coaching Programme







Wellbeing & Mindset Coach

  • NLP Master Practitioner (ANLP)

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist (AIP)

  • Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance RYT 200)

  • Time Based Techniques Practitioner

  • Mental Health First Aider (MHFA England)

  • Psychology (BSc)

  • Part-time DJ

  • Loving owner of Toy Poodle

  • Passionate about connection, wellbeing and self-optimisation


  • Everyday is an opportunity to grow

  • Potential can not be realised without self-love, respect and nourishment

  • It's the small things that matter

  • Mental change can not happen without physical, environment change

  • The majority of our behaviours are habits, programmed to run at an unconscious level

  • You can have what you want, when you can visualise what it is

  • Commitment starts with the belief that you deserve more for yourself

  • Most of the time we are remembering, not thinking

  • We can reprogram the internal representations of our memories to change the meaning

  • We are what we repeatedly do

  • No one can make you feel inferior without your consent

The path between oscillation

Hi, I'm Amanda. I founded Oscillane to pursue my passion of helping people feel connected, fulfilled and alive.


In the world today, there's spiralling demands on our time and attention. There's a growing number of choices and decisions to be made.

We're working longer hours, to make more money, that we don't have time to enjoy. We're consuming more, only to feel less fulfilled.

A lack of purpose and loneliness, are fuelling a sense of emptiness. We're using social media and binge watching series to switch off.

We're becoming increasingly disconnected. 

Anxiety is rising. It's an uncomfortable feeling that we look to avoid.

But it's time to pay attention.  


When we experience fluctuations in our mood, we can oscillate between feelings and emotions, without the ability to maintain control of our state of mind. A bit like sailing a ship through a storm; the ocean becomes the captain.  


Oscillane is the path between oscillation. The foundation of the Oscillane approach is to apply an inwards focus and stillness, to build a connection with the self through yoga, meditation and hypnotherapy. 

Fostering an environment of stillness, calm and inward focus creates a perfect platform for mindset coaching approaches to be applied, using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).


The above practices have a commonality; a focus on the now and an expanded awareness of the present moment. For most of us, this will feel like an altered state, comparative to the autopilot mode that we are so often operating in.

But it's these unconscious states of being, where habitual thoughts and behaviours drive our decisions and outcomes. So often, we feel ourselves succumb to the same patterns and feel at a loss as to how we let that happen again. 

NLP considers how we delete, distort and generalise information based on our beliefs and values, which make up our map of the world. But the map is not the territory. Much like a computer, our neurology has been programmed to respond to our perceived reality and while some of this serves us, some of it doesn't. It could be a limiting belief, an unwanted habit or even a phobia. NLP allows us to reclaim and redirect our thoughts and behaviours, creating transformational outcomes.

Oscillane applies a holistic approach to wellbeing, considering all facets of life. The ultimate outcome of working with Oscillane will be increased levels of connection to yourself and others. Connection is related to our sense of energy,  passion and aliveness. You'll be in control of your outcomes and no longer operating in autopilot. Prepare to be installed with strong levels of belief in yourself, through experiencing your ability to bring about desired change.

If this this resonates with you, then I'd love to hear from you.



  • Holistic

  • Dedicated

  • Results-orientated

  • Genuine

  • Honest

  • No-nonsense

  • Caring

  • Pragmatic

  • Nurturing

  • Passionate

  • Connected

  • Empowering

  • Accountable


  • Fulfilment and happiness

  • Purpose and goal setting

  • Productivity

  • Time management

  • Gaining clarity

  • Confidence and self-belief

  • Self-love and respect

  • Motivation

  • Connection

  • Passion and energy

  • Stress reduction

  • Communication and assertiveness

  • Transformation

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