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As a CEO, it's crucial to continuously develop not only my company's strategy but also my personal leadership. Engaging in coaching with Amanda has been a transformative part of my leadership journey. She provided not only expert guidance but also a space for genuine self-reflection that has been critical in navigating the complexities of my role.

Through sessions that were both challenging and enlightening, Amanda helped me hone my decision-making skills, enhance my communication and create a more dynamic company culture. Hey insights were invaluable in helping me to leverage my strengths and address areas needing improvement with practical, tailored strategies.

I highly recommend Amanda to any executive who is serious about achieving new levels of success and fostering a thriving organisational environment.


 When I first approached Amanda, I was looking for a space to reflect and sharpen my leadership skills. What I found was a partnership that profoundly impacted all aspects of my life, both professionally and personally.

Amanda has a unique ability to blend career ambitions with life goals in a seamless, holistic manner. Each session was not only about enhancing my effectiveness at work, but also about enriching my personal life. We tackled complex strategic challenges at work while ensuring I did not lose sight of my personal wellbeing and relationships.

This dual focus has helped me lead my organisation with greater empathy and insight while also being more present and fulfilled in my personal life. I am profoundly grateful for the balanced perspective I've gained with Amanda’s coaching. It’s a comprehensive approach that I believe every executive could benefit from to truly thrive in all dimensions of life.


I have had the pleasure of working with Amanda on a number of occasions, every time she has been a very approachable practitioner who has put me at ease right from the start of our sessions. Recently I have undergone a number of challenging stages in my life, where my balance was off and the ability to think straight was lost.

Amanda possesses an amazing talent that not only enabled me to refocus, but upskill my own tool kit to empower me to continue on my journey. Her explanation and adaption of NLP put my mind at ease and enabled me to not just uncover some real self-limiting areas that I have had for many years, but to reframe them for the first time in my life.

Post sessions I now seen the world around me in a different light and on reflection I now know that if it was not for the skill set and approach adopted by Amanda I would continue to see my external environment in Black and White and be unaware of the vibrant colours that life offers.

Thank you Amanda, I recommend your services 100%.


I worked with Amanda on my values. I thought I was quite clear on what was important to me but narrowing it down to the major three helped me to gain a lot of clarity for my business (and even understanding myself better). And clarity is power, right? She is so kind and has a great sense of humour that I really appreciated when working with her. She was highly intuitive and focused when working with me and I can only highly recommend working with her.


Amanda helped met crystalise some rather abstract concepts that I had been having trouble with for quite some time. In a few sessions she definitely helped them to become more solid, less abstract and attainable. A very helpful partnership.


Amanda really helped me unblock some trauma that I'd be holding onto for a long time. She created the time, the space and the expertise to guide me through this process. I can't thank her enough. Would highly recommend, thanks Amanda...!


Amanda facilitated a number of sessions with me recently and I cannot thank her enough! Amanda is a kind, intuitive practitioner with a delicate but powerful approach. She worked through a number of issues with me, and I can honestly say I have felt so much lighter ever since! I was able to identify and release a number of emotions I had been holding on to. Amanda made me feel safe and at ease talking about personal issues I would usually keep to myself. Overall I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking lasting change. Thank you for your time and energy  Amanda!


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